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Assist Inventories
First Floor, 309 Battersea Park Road, London

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Always very thorough.

08 Nov 2022

Gregg slack
Impeccable service! While I could go on with how I've truly enjoyed working with Assist Inventories, here are a few pertinent points for your readers:

1. Service - They understand their customer's needs and certainly, without a doubt, go the extra mile to create a very impactful, memorable, and satisfying customer experience.

2. Quality - Your inventories are exceptionally comprehensive while taking into account our desired output and customizing it to meet our needs.

3. Consistent - They listen, act quickly, and ensure information/requests are documented, therefore their output is always at 100% , which I love, and so do our customers.

Special thanks to:
Zoe & Ty, you truly are the face of Assist Inventories, for I have only dealt with both of you, and I have never once felt a need to follow through or reiterate our needs.

You listen and take quick action to give us the precise service we require and the cherry on the top would be your lovely personalities having not met you yet, I feel connected, and engaged for I am certain that you are both really incredible individuals with great heart!

07 Nov 2022

Nisha Kumar
Zoe and Ty are both very helpful. They assist with last minute bookings, happy to collect keys from our office, and are very accommodating when it comes to meeting tenants and/or returning keys back to our office. Would highly recommend Assist Inventories!

Special thanks to:
Zoe Taylor and Ty

11 Oct 2022

Aida Noor
Easy to use platform and very responsive. Always happy to help.

Special thanks to:
Very supportive and helpful

12 Jul 2022

Winnie chan
I have used Assist a number of times over the past few years and found them to be efficient, timely and reliable. I wouldn’t use any other supplier.

24 Feb 2022

Georgina Novarese
Really helpful company, great communication.

25 Jan 2022

Suzannah Burton


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