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Petermans Group

Petermans managed these properties for almost 50 years, then found us the buyer, managed the process to a successful conclusion in a calm and professional manner.

Special thanks to:
the whole Petermans team, but especially Rory in sales and Karen in management

20 Oct 2021

Daniel Baum (seller)
Our experience with Petermans has been brilliant!

Special thanks to:
Dean and Rory

09 Oct 2021

Sarah Vaughan (tenant)
Always attentive, courteous and efficient and communication was excellent

Special thanks to:
Ben Moser, Dean Brown

14 Sep 2021

Veronica Brightman (seller)
Good and responsive agent who has managed my property for a number of years.

Special thanks to:
Dean has been incredibly responsive in regards to all my questions.

23 Aug 2021

Stephen Bavister (landlord)
I found the service very professional, quick and friendly.

Special thanks to:
Dean Brown

11 Aug 2021

James Copping (landlord)
I’ve always found Petermans staff very responsive and helpful. And I’ve been with them for a long time - maybe 10 years or so.

Special thanks to:
Rory and Dean most recently. Also Karen and Maria are consistently helpful

09 Aug 2021

Val Suebsaeng (landlord)


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