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In a new series of features we’ve asked our key sponsors to contribute to ESTAS Insights. This month Heather Staff, Co Founder of Spectre explains a simple trick for turning your prospecting material into powerful lead capture campaigns.

A simple trick for turning your prospecting material into powerful lead capture campaigns

Prospecting or canvassing has been a long-standing marketing technique used by estate agents - and still today, it is one of the most effective forms of business generation for independent branches and large agencies alike.

While the process has evolved from board spotting and writing down house numbers, to a mostly automated process as a result of clever technology, the medium remains the same… printed letters or postcards posted to homeowners, persuading them to instruct your agency.

Most agents’ direct mail is solely geared towards winning the immediate instruction, however, you’re likely missing out on the large percentage of homeowners that may not want to sell right now, but in the near future.

Ask yourself: how are you currently engaging this proportion of homeowners? If the answer is ‘you’re not’, I'm excited to share with you Spectre’s genius marketing trick that will help you establish a relationship with more homeowners and grow your pipeline of leads…

Upgrade your direct mail and bring it into the 21st century

Direct mail is a well-loved, and very effective marketing approach, that can now be even more effective by linking with smart technology. The secret is: incorporating QR codes on your prospecting material.

Spectre’s QR codes work by inviting homeowners to access an online property report and estimated valuation of their home - in exchange for their contact details such as name, email address and number. If you’re interested to see how it works, simply scan the QR code in the article’s image with your smartphone or head straight to this example web page:

In recent years, the QR code has experienced a resurgence, mostly as a result of the pandemic. This is due to the touchless system that allows consumers to conveniently access more information online via their own smartphone.

Today, QR codes are becoming more and more common within marketing - and estate agency marketing is no exception. In fact, since the functionality was introduced within Spectre, there has been a huge surge in popularity and usage among users - with QR codes being used on a large percentage of our prospecting postcards and letters.

Between the months of January to May 2022, Spectre saw a 306% increase in the use of QR codes - rising from 18,000+ postcards sent with QR codes in January, to 70,000+ postcards sent with QR codes in the month of May.

From printed direct mail… to online lead capture campaigns

QR codes are a powerful way of enhancing your traditional prospecting campaigns and transforming them into an online source of lead capture.

With this digital addition, agents are able to secure highly motivated sellers looking to instruct now… as well as homeowners who may consider selling in the future and therefore interested to find out what their property is worth. This marketing strategy widens your audience reach and relevance, and helps you capture more leads to build your pipeline for your team to nurture. It’s a win win.

The incorporation of QR codes on letters and postcards is the latest tactic being used by agents up and down the country. If you’re not currently sending this enhanced form of prospecting, there is a good chance your competitors are - as popularity rapidly grows within the industry. My advice is: don't give them the upper hand and start appealing to more consumers with this simple, but effective, addition.

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 0160 464 5730.

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