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Before ZPlan existed I used a few different floor plan apps, they were all fine but there was always a niggle, something that didn't work very well. ZPlan is great, I've been using it right from the start and I have to say it's the easiest most intuitive software out there and it's even cheaper than most too. None of my estate agent clients noticed the change from a software that cost nearly three times as much. Any shape and any angle is so much easier now, and stairs, they just go where you want them. Now with the off line app I can do plans on site, which saves so much time and ensures better accuracy. Also the staff are really helpful, they always respond to any emails in good time. I really can't recommend ZPlan enough.

08 Feb 2023

Daisy Drake
Excellent website and user interface. Very easy to create what I need to with lots of brilliant features that make the process even quicker. Great pricing and value for money.

Special thanks to:
Chris replied to my email very quickly and resolved the issue with immediate effect.

21 Jun 2022

Philip Stewart
Outstanding service. Billy is always there to assist with any problems or questions which you may have.

Special thanks to:
Always helpful. Service is absolutely 5 star from him.

21 Jun 2022

Yael harp
Zplan has been beneficial for the use of creating my EPC assessments and being able to draw floor plans on the move with their integration with EPC engine apps. It helped speed up my work and save money!

21 Jun 2022

Alexander Marcelle
We needed new floor plan software that was easy to use and accurate, with a professional look.
zPlan offers lots of flexibility with customised colours & icon choice. You have total control over fonts, size and placement on the floorplan layout.
It's a very smooth package to use and I would certainly recommend.

20 Jun 2022

Lara Ryan
Great product easy to use and affordable

16 Jun 2022

Gary Romans
Thanks Gary, much appreciated
chris strange - zPlan


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