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6th Aug 21
ESTAS Interview with Dan and Simon

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Salmons, CEO of Coadjute, to discuss blockchain technology and how Coadjute is improving the home buying and selling process. Can you please explain for us in plain English, what blockchain technology is? Start with the easy ones! When people describe blockchain technology they often quite quickly get into the technology [...]

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29th Jun 21
Your website should be your hardest working employee

Over the last 15 months (basically since the ‘c’ word entered our daily vocabulary) your website has become more crucial than ever in attracting new business. Consumers are more informed and doing more research online about products and services they want to use than ever before. Google data says 70% of the buying decision has already been made by a new customer before [...]

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26th Apr 21
Estate agents and conveyancers work together... impossible?

One of the characteristics of the property market that makes it unusual is how many different professions are involved to complete a property transaction. The estate agent of course, but also the conveyancer, mortgage broker, mortgage lender, surveyor… the list goes on. They all have to work together seamlessly to complete a property transaction. It’s no wonder [...]

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30th Mar 21
What is your reputation?

My piece is a very short and simple one this month. I want you to ask yourself a question, what is your reputation? By that I mean your personal reputation and your businesses reputation. Write down what you think it is and ask a selection of people inside and outside your business what they think. Trust me you’ll be very surprised at the answers. Your reputation is everything for the simple reason it arrives before you do. It determines customers mindset before [...]

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26th Feb 21
5 Reasons Why Customer Service Is So Important To Your Agency

Last month I wrote about the difference between customer experience and customer service. I got some great feedback from agents, conveyancers and brokers alike and often the response was “sure I get what customer service is but how does it really impact my business”. Whenever I get this question I’m always reminded of a conversation I had with Grenville Turner who was CEO [...]

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20th Jan 21
Don't be fooled! Customer service and customer experience are not the same.

Recently some people in the industry have said to me that customer service is not relevant anymore, today apparently it’s all about the customer experience or ‘CX’ as it’s often termed – sounds much sexier doesn’t it? However I would argue that customer service and customer experience are NOT the same thing. Customer experience is all about improving the customer journey. More often than not this is achieved by improving the online [...]

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16th Dec 20
Are you old school or new school?

Over the years I’ve spoken to and met thousands of estate and letting agents, one theme that comes up on a regular basis when I start to ask agents about where or how they collect customer feedback is - “We don’t, we’re old school, all our business is through word of mouth or walks through the door. This may very well have been true in times gone by but the world has moved on and through technology customer expectations and their buying habits have [...]

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19th Nov 20
Why do 50% of all vendors complete with the second agent?

In today’s market, the customer has never had more choice as to who to represent them when selling their house. Nearly every village, town or city across the UK has more than enough agents to serve the local market - whether they be online/hybrid, self-employed or high street agencies - so why is it that over half of transactions aren’t completing with the original agent? The agent the vendor [...]

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